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In order to be eligible to apply, you must:

- be a native or native-level English speaker
- be at least 18 or above
- have a bachelor's degree by date of program's departure (for year-long and semester programs only)

Application Process and Materials

Application Decision

Selection Process

Application Process and Materials

Before beginning your application process, please select a program by going through our materials online. Some programs have specific qualifications, and we encourage you to read program profiles carefully prior to beginning your application. Application material will allow you to apply for a first choice and second choice program. Please note that due to in-country orientation and academic calendars, our programs have fixed departure and return dates.

The WorldTeach application process requires:

For Year-Long & Semester Applicants: A resume, a personal statement, and a university transcript. Applicants who are invited to the second sound of the application process are invited to an interview and asked to have their references submit one recommendation letter on their behalf.

For Summer Applicants: A resume and a personal statement.  Applicants are also asked to have a reference submit 1 letter of recommendation on their behalf.

These materials must be submitted online through our electronic application system. Please email us at if you are unable to submit your materials electronically. All recommendation letters should be emailed to or faxed to 857.259.6638.



Application DEcision

WorldTeach's admissions process operates on a rolling admissions policy, meaning that some of our programs may fill prior to our stated application deadlines. For this reason, we encourage you to submit your materials at your earliest convenience. Upon completion of your application, the Admissions Committee will begin a comprehensive evaluation. Unless otherwise stated, applicants should hear back with an admissions decision within two to three weeks after receiving notification that their application was complete.

If you are accepted into a WorldTeach program, you will receive notification. You will then be sent a WorldTeach Acceptance Packet. This includes all of the necessary materials and guidance to help you officially confirm your place in the WorldTeach program to which you have been accepted.

Selection Process

WorldTeach's application process ensures that we provide qualified volunteer teachers to our partner schools while at the same time placing volunteers where they are most likely to succeed. With these goals in mind, we hope to contribute positively to both the communities we serve and the personal experiences of our volunteers. Although we do not have specific professional requirements, we seek applicants who show a commitment to teaching, volunteer service, international development, and intercultural understanding.   Telephone: 1 (857) 259-6646    Fax: 1 (857) 259-6638
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